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Helping pharmaceutical leaders build better relationships and create engaged communities

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"Our world is craving inspired leaders and authentic relationships. Riveting and relevant, Shane Feldman has traveled the world, uncovering the universal strategies that make teams click and individuals thrive. His stories are relatable, and his strategies are actionable."


Shelagh O'Brien

Director, The Olympics

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Every interaction is an opportunity.

TRUSTED by Fortune 500 clients including Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Disney

RECOGNIZED by the White House & UN


RESEARCHED community leadership & human behavior on the ground in 29 countries

WORLD-RENOWNED corporate culture expert,

helping leaders better connect & be future ready

SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR founder of Count Me In, a community of 10 million next-gen leaders

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Meet Shane

Shane was a true pleasure to work with. His keynote was interesting and really resonated with me and the rest of the team. Feedback after the meeting has been fantastic. We did truly achieve what we set out to do. Hope to work with Shane again!


Phil Quinto

Sales Strategy Manager

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Preview the keynote:

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30 Countries ✈ 5 Continents ✈ 1 Powerful Message

Shane has traveled the world, from remote African villages to bustling Asian cities and quaint European towns, researching universal strategies that allow teams to click and businesses to thrive. Shane’s high-energy keynotes are a compilation of unforgettable travel stories, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Customized and actionable, participants are inspired, and leave with tangible take-aways they can immediately apply to their life and work.

  • Leadership Passport: Attracting, Empowering and Retaining a High-Performing Team"
    PREVIEW KEYNOTE: VIDEO Having researched community leadership and human behavior in over 20 countries, Shane has uncovered universal strategies that make teams click and businesses thrive. In this captivating and actionable talk, Shane Feldman reveals how to cultivate a work environment centered around community, that enables individuals and teams to perform at their highest levels. Shifting common misconceptions surrounding organizational culture, Shane breaks down how to foster an inclusive work environment where teams are inspired to innovate, think creatively, and collaborate. Through engaging stories of remote African villages, bustling Asian cities and quaint European towns, Shane’s dynamic talk demonstrates simple shifts to become a stronger, more inclusive leader. Motivational and actionable, Shane’s presentations are customized to fit the audience and objectives of each event. Key takeaways include: • What it looks like to be a true community builder and to lead with authenticity • The difference between culture and community, and what it takes to foster unity and collaboration at all levels • One simple shift to ensure every voice feels valued and heard • Building loyalty and engagement among employees to boost performance • Empowering a courageous entrepreneurial mindset • New and effective ways of working across all levels of an organization, regardless of your role
  • Relationship Passport: Inspiring and Retaining Loyal Customers
    KEYNOTE PROMO: VIDEO (60 SECONDS) In today’s digital landscape, attention is the new economy. Organizations who rise above the noise do so through authentic relationships and community building. In this talk, famed entrepreneur Shane Feldman bridges the gap between technology and relationships, giving audiences the tools to inspire customers and increase loyalty and retention. Through his firsthand experiences travelling the world and spearheading the world’s largest millennial-led movement, Count Me In, Shane has uncovered the universal framework that allows certain organizations to build a community of customers who are also raving fans, followers and advocates. Break out of the constraints of old models, and learn how to use tech as an advantage to making customers an integral part of your company’s community and story. This customized session gives audiences key takeaways to: • Make customers a part of your company’s story in a way that inspires and empowers • Put customers at the center of your company’s community by implementing pathways for them to connect in authentic ways • Embrace social media as an asset for growth • Build geniune relationships and connections with customers that transcend evolving tech and trends

Shane has presented to business conferences and corporate meetings around the world.
With a focus on the future of corporate culture, every keynote is packed with key insights, customized for the audience:

Topics + Results


• Build loyalty and engagement among employees to boost performance and sustain a competitive advantage

• Activate communication practices that drive business 

• Foster a culture of unity and collaboration at all levels


• Deliver a world-class customer experience at every touchpoint

• Strengthen your courageous entrepreneurial mindset

Implement time tested leadership practices leveraging global case studies


• Apply new ways of working across all levels of a company, regardless of your role

 Lead efforts to raise the standards for your team

 Optimize relationships with colleagues and customers

"Shane was very inspiring, and left us with a very clear call to action."


Operations Manager


Large Theatre

Preview the virtual studio:


Leadership keynote speaker, Shane Feldman

In this digital age of distraction and disconnection, our leaders are facing a community crisis spanning all generations. Shane Feldman has researched community leadership on the ground across 29 countries, uncovering universal strategies that help leaders create engaged communities.


Shane's "Leadership Passport" framework helps companies cultivate a work environment centered around community, enabling individuals and teams to perform at their highest levels. As one of the most in-demand speakers in America, Shane has worked with dynamic brands including Disney, Google, TD Bank and Kaiser Permanente.


Shane has been recognized by the White House, Prime Minister of Canada, and United Nations, and been named one of North America's Top 40 Under 40 LGBTQ+ Leaders. He has been featured by Oprah, Larry King, Dr. Oz, Forbes, People Magazine, and is the subject of a TV series from A&E.


In this new age, brands are struggling to optimize team culture, leadership, engagement and retention. Through his firsthand experiences travelling the globe and spearheading the world’s largest millennial-led movement, COUNT ME IN, Shane has decoded frameworks that help leaders build better relationships, and better workplaces. 

Since its founding in 2011, COUNT ME IN has initiated more than 30,000 projects worldwide, contributing a value of over $2.6 billion to the global economy through service. 


Shane started COUNT ME IN in 2008 as a school project. With an alumni network spanning 6 continents, COUNT ME IN is now a social entrepreneurship incubator and community, engaging 10-million members in 100+ countries.



Shane's reputation as a speaker is built on his energetic approach, skilled storytelling, and his capacity to both inspire audiences and offer tangible strategies they can implement right away to activate their leadership and cultivate meaningful connections.

If you are interested in having Shane speak at your event, please submit the form below and our lightning fast team will be in touch right away.

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