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One-on-one strategic business coaching for high-level entrepreneurs looking to scale their impact, income, and freedom

✅Subject of a documentary TV series on A&E

✅Helped launch 30,000+ ventures globally valued at $2.6 billion

✅Led in-person and remote teams of 130+

✅Recognized by The White House & Prime Minister of Canada

✅Honored by The United Nations

Amateur scuba-diver, skydiver & mountain climber

Shane Feldman

CEO at Count Me In, the world-renowned social entrepreneurship incubator and community of 10.2M people across 104 countries

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Scale Your Empire of Impact

Because you owe it to your clients, your team, your family, and yourself.

We all have damaging blindspots. It is essential to uncover these stressful barriers and identify high-growth opportunities in order for entrepreneurs like you to become business owners rather than operators.

Imagine a world where you wake up inspired, refreshed and energized every day, excited about your work.

Imagine if your relationships were deeper and you were able to prioritize adventures with your family and friends.

Imagine if you were stress-free, feeling in control and on your A-game all the time, despite the chaos around you.

I'd love to help you optimize your business and life, and implement systems that will unlock your financial freedom, increasing your most valuable asset: time.


Combining proven strategies with scalable systems, I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs like you get their time back, attract and develop a high-performing team, retain loyal customers, and implement strategies that will reduce your workload while increasing your income and opportunities.

We Might Work On...


✅ Optimizing systems to sustain competitive growth

✅ Achieving more freedom as an owner rather than an operator


✅ Attracting, empowering and retaining the best team / freelancers to deliver a world-class client experience


✅ Deepening your relationships and connecting more effectively with anyone, anywhere

✅ Unlocking another level of confidence and influence

✅ Implementing systems that allow you to spend more quality time with friends and family


✅ Getting unstuck and breaking through mental barriers with renewed energy and focus

✅ Increasing your impact & contribution


✅ Clarifying your purpose and optimizing your habits to achieve the abundance you deserve

"Our world is craving inspired leaders and authentic relationships. Riveting and relevant, Shane Feldman has traveled the world, uncovering the universal strategies that make teams click and businesses thrive."

Shelagh O'Brien

Director, The Olympics

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Featured Corporate Clients

Shane Feldman Keynote Speaker 2020 Clien

"Shane's message inspired our team to think bigger. Feeling hopeful, energized, and ready to take action."

Partnership Manager, Facebook

Hi, I'm Shane. It's great to meet you.

I've gotten shoutouts from The White House, Prime Minister of Canada, and United Nations, and one time Jane Lynch tweeted me. But what I'm most grateful for are the opportunities I've had to work with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs scaling their own empires of impact. You wouldn't know most of their names, but each one is a vibrant success story, and I'm grateful to have been a part of their individual journeys to high-performance and maximized impact.

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When I'm not coaching my private clients, keynoting national conferences, or leading my incredible team at Count Me In, I'm usually traveling. Some of my travel is for events, some for consulting clients, but most is for backpacking through the Andes in Argentina, cooking with a Michelin Star chef in Japan, volunteering with a local charity in Ghana, taking my family to Disney World or surprising friends with a 5 star paradise adventure in the Virgin Islands. 


I love my work, but I also love that I have implemented systems that allow me the freedom and opportunity to take off a couple months a year and show up for my friends and family, because they deserve it.


My core focus when working with my private clients is to help them achieve this same level of freedom and fulfillment. It starts with uncovering blindspots and implementing key strategies that build trust, increase engagement, boost retention, and scale businesses while reducing work hours, leaving more time to enjoy life with less sacrifices.

As a keynote speaker and corporate leadership trainer, I've helped companies large and small refine their growth strategies, build thriving teams and transform loyal clients into raving fans. My focus is typically helping organizations  scale projects with ease so they can thrive through change.



Through my firsthand experiences travelling the world and spearheading a global movement of 10.2 million changemakers, I've worked with my team to decode the frameworks that enable individuals and teams to connect more authentically and perform at their highest levels.


I'm a bit of a systems nerd, so I've actually gone pretty deep into the study of cross-cultural human psychology. I've researched community leadership and human behavior in over 25 countries now, with a focus on identifying universal strategies that make teams click and businesses thrive.


My obsession with community leadership started back in 2011, when I started Count Me In. Now, 10 years later, the organization has initiated more than 30,000 projects worldwide, contributing a value of over $2.6 billion to the global economy through service.


Along the way, I'm fortunate enough to have been featured by some media giants I've looked up to for years, including Larry King, Dr. Oz, and the folks at Forbes, and People Magazine. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the team at A&E decided to make me the subject of a documentary TV series which was equal parts awesome and awkward. (Grateful for the opportunity, but I prefer living life without cameras in my face 24/7.)

I'm also an eco advocate and in the last year I've planted 1,000 trees around the world to help offset my own carbon footprint.

Client Reviews

Shane’s meaningful and thought provoking words acted as catalyst for important conversations. Definitely worth the investment.


Shane was very inspiring, and left us with a very clear call to action.

-Christina Yancy, NETFLIX

A joy to work with, Shane is humble, kind and inspiring.

-Jamie Lockwood, FACEBOOK

Shane has the gift of being able to connect. I understand why he is one of the most sought after and influential speakers in this field.


Our meeting could not have been as successful without Shane.

- Marla Burk, CMP, FCCLA INC.

Shane is personable, relatable and inspiring.

- Inspector Russ Bellman, YORK REGIONAL POLICE

Shane talks about being authentic, being your true self, and looking for the good that is in you that you can share. He taught me about the upsides of the uber connected world, and brought home the message that a legacy isn’t something you leave, it is something you live.


One of the most impressive, authentic people I've ever met is Shane Feldman, demonstrating self-awareness more often associated with people three or four times his age.

-Devin Thorpe, FORBES



I'd love to learn more about your goals and see how I can best support you. This program is highly customized to ensure measurable growth and outcomes. If you're ready to take your business and life to the next level, please fill out the short form below to get started.

Serious inquiries only, please. Coaching agreements begin at $5k.

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